Saturday, April 21, 2018

Your players of the season are...

You've been voting for the Lip's Player of the Season and the winners are...

Fans' Player of the Season - Niall McManus
"Neil Grant Buzzing Development" player of the year - Reece Williams-Bowers
Ex-Leatherhead player of the year - Zaki Oualah
Best Ineligible Player - Yannis Ambroisine

Congratulations. You don't win anything, but the accolade should be more than enough.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Tanners 0 - 1 Dulwich

Leatherhead had 45,501 reasons to feel hard done by last night as Dulwich stole all three points at the death.  Last minute action could decide our season, with a back-heel that did not go in at Merstham and this late blow last night.

The first half was tame.  Dulwich probably had the game under control, but it had a feel of pre-season friendly where Crystal Palace turn up with a load of youth players you have never heard of.  You should care about the score, but it was a nice evening so better to stand there and soak it in.

Second half and Leatherhead came out with a purpose.  Their 'keeper did not help matters for them by placing four or five goal kicks into the tea bar queue, but we managed to mount attack after attack and keep them hemmed in for much of the second half.

Then a tale of two corners.  With the game almost over, we launched a ball into the box that was gathered.  Leatherhead returned the favour by gifting them a sloppy corner and they sent in a similar ball.  The difference being they had three players of Jerry's stature waiting at the back post and managed to steer a header on target. 

1-0 and celebrations as if they had won the league.  With Billericay faltering, they may just have.

Our big games keep coming though.  Leiston come on Saturday...

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Dulwich Hamlet are coming

With their first wall gag under their belts already, Dulwich Hamlet arrive at the Grove tonight with a real shot of winning the title.  Hopefully the club won't surrender the three points as quickly as they did the bar takings as we are in need of both of those too.

Sometimes when a team scores more than 4 the wind goes out their sails a bit on the following game, but Dulwich should provide enough motivation for that not to happen.

Kick off at 7.45.  See you there!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Brightlingsea 0 - 7 Tanners

A long trip, but worth it.  True the meal we had before hand was below par but the game more than made up for it.  Plenty of goals and, due to the distance, with a more select travelling support we could enjoy the game without a constant string of obscenities being launched at the ref and opposition.  The F word was rarely used, no one dropped the C-bomb and no player had their parentage doubted.

It was clear after just a few minutes Leatherhead, if they wanted to, could help themselves to a bag full of goals last night.  The newly promoted side have achieved their objective of survival with a youthful side, and as a result gifted us with ample space in which to run unhindered.  For the opening 10 minutes they did try to impose themselves with a few rash tackles but they soon got bored of that and it was open season.

The goal that opened the floodgates was meekly claimed by Nana.  I truth Nana's run on goal forced a covering tackle from behind which lofted the ball over the diving 'keeper.  There was nothing lucky about the second goal though.  A cross to Tom Richards invited a volley which flew into the net to continue his run.

2-0 at half time and little indication of what was to come.  In hindsight it was obvious.  Brightlingsea were struggling outfield as it was, then they had to sub their injured for a 17 year old 'keeper who would have struggled against the likes of Jerry in the box against a disinterested team.  Our tails were up and so he was forced to endure a torrid second half.

Two headers from Jerry put this game to bed.  Nana got a goal he could claim without swearing on his daughter's life.  Calum Davies added salt into the wound before a true talking point of the game... penalty-gate.

The penalty was won and Jerry ran to the ball to take it and claim his penalty.  D'Sean was the named penalty taker and so demanded he fulfil his responsibility.  The travelling supporters' chant of Jerry was unrelenting though, so he was allowed to step up and calmly claim the match ball ("I'll pay for it myself" he was heard saying after a local fan took umbrage to this).

With a healthy boost to our goal difference we are looking like a real contender for the play-offs... just a small matter of playing three of the other contenders in our last four games though...

Monday, April 16, 2018

Travelling Tanners


Tonight Leatherhead make the long journey to Brightlingsea to play a genuine game in hand as the other offering is only K's and Merstham.  Four points from the play-offs, a win today would start placing a bit more hope on the "there" rather than the "there-abouts".

It is going to be one hell of a drive, so set off soon!  Directions can be found here.  Kick off at 7.45.  Unbelievably... see you there!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Merstham 1 - 1 Tanners

After a long week in Bratislava, I woke to a bright crisp morning and the prospect of a wonderful day's football.  A Full English was washed down with a sturdy cup of tea and the preparation for the day was complete.

After watching the first 60 minutes of Southampton v Chelsea I skipped to the car; Southampton had a commanding 2-0 lead and nothing could spoil my day.  Fifteen sodding minutes later and the crappy footballing gods had turned.

So I turned up at the Moat-crappy-side in less than a good mood, knowing full bloody well Merstham would raise their game against their local rivals.  Leatherhead's first half did little to lift it, with Derry forced out right and Gallagher playing admirably in the back four our midfield was second best and so Merstham had the better of the game.  They got their goal, on the stoke of half-time, as I sat down to a cup of tea so I missed it.

Leatherhead made two changes and that improved things but without the running of Nana I doubt we would have got anything out of the game.

Pressure was building constantly until we got our goal.  A low ball into the area was struck and it ricocheted through the defence and beat their time-wasting 'keeper.

We pressed for the winner and in the last minute it looked like we would get it.  A powerful shot was spilled by the 'keeper and Midson ran to collect but only had time and space to back heel it into a seemingly open goal.  A defender slid in from nowhere and it stuck his arm at close range.  The fans instinctively shouted for a penalty but it did not pass the "would you be gutted to concede one like that" acid test.

The Shakespeare plot continues as we make the long journey to Brightlingsea Regent on Monday... 

Travelling Tanners

Today we travel to our old friends Merstham as we look to continue putting pressure on the top five places.  Games against our local rivals can one of two ways, and did I see Hayden Bird attending a game at The Grove recently..?

Hopefully Tom Richards will play upfront and continue his fine scoring run. 

Kick off at 3pm.  Directions can be found here.  See you there!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Dorking 0 - 1 Tanners

Leatherhead book their place in the final at Gandy Bloody Green following a gutsy display last night. 

The first half lacked a little quaility but both teams gave their all in the second.  Tom Richards scored for the second game running to put us into the lead.

There were some outstanding performances from Gallagher, who played in the unusual position of centre-back, and Nail McManus.

Dorking thought they had scored a late equaliser but the lino was quick to flag for offside.  The home side were furious with the officials, but he had let them off a couple of heated clashes where another ref could have shown a red.

Hopefully now we can go on and win this much coveted trophy...