Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Merstham 3 - 1 Tanners

Twice now we have arrived at Sutton for the Surrey Senior Cup with a back story.  Last time we had only just won the play-offs and were clearly deflated, last night we had news of a pending departure and it appeared to have an equally unsettling effect.

We did open well, but soon Merstham got into their stride and on the whole we were second best.  There were some good performanced.  Niall was always willing to run at defenders, Jerry committed as ever and Jack looked up for it but this was mainly down to a running battle between him and their no6.

One goal came in the first half (looked like a mishap in defence when we failed to clear), and then two in the second (sloppy half-arsed pass that was cut out and a powerful shot from distance).

We did get one back, a Jack Midson header but we were soon heading out the well disguised exit.

Merstham were the better side all round, but one cannot help feel the timing of the negotiations coming to a conclsuion ruined any chance we had to even compete.  The search for a new manager continues...

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

The final...

Tonight Leatherhead take on Merstham in the Surrey Senior Cup final.  A side that always seems to find an extra gear when we face each other, or indeed an extra hand when blocking shots on the line.

A new elephant has entered the room.  Football finds it hard to keep a secret at the best of times but the timing of the latest story to break is very unfortunate.

Off to Gander Green we go then.  Kick off at 7.45.  Directions can be found here. See you in the queue to get in about 6pm!

Friday, April 27, 2018

Travelling Tanners

Two teams will face each other that probably hoped for more.  Tonbridge Angels would have started the season believing they had an outside chance of sneaking in, and while our hopes were muted for much of the season the final run in gave us real hope.

Of course there is a chance we could steal a place, but it would mean a goal swing of 13 goals and with Hendon sure to be there I cannot believe they are going to put Leiston to the sword.

Still a season to be proud of though and with the Surrey Senior Cup still to play for it could get even better.

Kick off at 3pm.  Directions can be found here.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Tanners 1 - 2 Hendon

A game too far for Leatherhead as they fall short (subject to a miracle) of the play-offs, despite some heroic performances in recent weeks.

It was a shambolic start to the match, with Leatherhead not being able to do any of the basics right.  Balls were bouncing off of shins and passes going astray.  Hendon pounced on this uncertainty and hammered in their opening goal.  This then set the tone for some time wasting of the highest order.

We thought we had a first half equaliser, but no Russian lino at hand to see if the ball had crossed the line or not.

The second half needed a response and we got it, but it came at a cost.  So thin is our squad, changes could only be made internally within the starting eleven.  Gallagher and Midson both advanced with others forced to shuffle back and play out of position.

It initially paid off, with Midson heading home and the 'keeper pulling off two top saves.  Tom Richards gave way to Calum and the defencive frailty was exposed as Hendon scored late to cement their place in the play-offs and ours outside of them.

Disappointment but from a team that only had real purpose in the last few weeks of last season to where we are today, chuck in the FA Cup and the pending Surrey Senior Cup it has been a great season.  We just now hope they can stick together and have no one Wander off... 

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Hendon are coming

Hendon arrive at the Grove tonight for out last home game and to play out a very important game indeed. 

The play-offs are within touching distance but, with our goal difference, a win is likely to be the only result that will see us have a realistic chance when we face Tonbridge Angels on Saturday.

Kick off at 7.45pm.  Car park to be full by 6.45pm.  See you there!

Monday, April 23, 2018

Tanners 2 - 2 Leiston

Twists and turns a plenty in the second half to earn a point that could still prove to be enough, although probably favours the visitors.

The first half was largely scrappy.  For the second game in a row a shot struck an outstretched hand in the box, only for the ref to wave it away.  Derry struck close to half time with a poacher's goal.  A Nana shot was parried down on the line and Derry was the first to react.

Second half and it all went off.  Twice a Leiston player could not get to his feet after falling to the ground, the fact we were attacking was purely coincidence no doubt.  The second time they benefited as they returned the ball to Manny who was promptly put under pressure with his kick.  He fluffed it and they scored with the resulting attack.

We thought justice would be done when Derry was presented with a similar chance.  He stumbled over it a bit, and their 'keeper made a valiant effort to save it but he found the net to put us 2-1.

Leiston really did not want to lose to us and so piled on the pressure and thumped a call into the back of the net.

Could we come back and score a winner?  It looked like we were going to as D'Sean crossed in (after the lino tried flagging for a free kick long after it was obvious we had the advantage) which found Tom Richards.  His shot seemed destined to find the back of the net, but their 'keeper pulled off an amazing save.

Hendon or bust.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Leiston are coming...

Layston? Lieston? Leeston? I have no idea how to pronounce our visitors, all I know is we have to beat them to stand a chance of getting in the play-offs.

Kick off at 3pm.  See you there!

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Fans' Player of the Season - Niall McManus
"Neil Grant Buzzing Development" player of the year - Reece Williams-Bowers
Ex-Leatherhead player of the year - Zaki Oualah
Best Ineligible Player - Yannis Ambroisine

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