Saturday, October 03, 2015

Enfield Town 4 - 0 Tanners

Some of the Leatherhead supporters who enjoyed the win over Grays would have woken early this morning, but then decided to stay in bed sensing a false dawn.
Those that did rise would have spotted one swallow in the garden and quickly realised that it wasn't warm enough to be summer.
That left about 6 people to travel to Enfield. Even Bedfont Sports seemed a more attractive option for the fair weather supporter.
Tanners started the game with a hint of belief after the win on Wednesday but Enfield Town had won 6 on the spin and proved far too strong as the game wore on.
The first half was edged by Grays with a chap wearing a pineapple on his head running riot in midfield. At 1-0 down we were still in the game but there were no shades of greys and the belief slowly ebbed away.
In fairness Enfield look a very good side and I'm sure will be in the play-offs again this season.
So we have a week off before we have entertain Burgess Hill. 

Friday, October 02, 2015

Travelling Tanners

Leatherhead travel to Enfield Town with a spring in their step.  A resounding 3-0 built on a solid defence and a lively midfield managed to see off second place opposition.

Leatherhead will need more of the same if they are to beat Enfield Town.  Our last trip saw us lack any real form of cutting edge while the local support, boosted by a Belgian contingent, cheered them to victory.

Kick off at 3pm.  Directions can be found here.  Good luck fellas.


Thursday, October 01, 2015

Tanners 3 - 0 Grays

I am feeling pretty smug about this one.  It was “one of those nights” at The Grove, inspired by a revitalized midfield lead in no small way by Josh.  It was clear lessons had been learned and the midfield were quickly snapping at the heels of the surprised visitors.

It was not all Josh.  It was a combined effort as they hunted in packs.  Daly though shone, intercepting many of their hurried passes and building the attacks.

While we pressed the first half goals came from corners.  The first was sent long with the defence switching off, assuming the ball was drifting to safety but from a tight angle Josh sneaked in and tapped it home.  Soon after another corner from the same side was sent into the box and Grays made a complete mess of dealing with it.  Players were on the ground, diving in but Josh had the presence of mind to smash it through the chaos and score our second.

2-0 at half time.  The ball did fall kindly for us in our third of the pitch but you make your own luck when you play this positively.

Second half and on the 60 minute mark it looked like Leatherhead had tired and Grays started to apply  some pressure.  Luckily after 5 minutes Leatherhead seemed to get a second wind and Hughes-Mason was soon dashing down the right flank to find an unmarked Daly.  Outside of the box he still had plenty to do but his strike found the top corner despite the ‘keeper getting a hand to it.

So Leatherhead saw the game out.  The ref was a ponce though.  Their number 4 was of the Carl Rook school of playing and engaged in some rather unhealthy marking, only in the last minute (when he was swapping shirts a little early) did he finally have a word.

Great stuff and now on to Enfield Town with green shoots of recovery…

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Grays Athletic are coming

What do you need to steady a ship at a time like this?  A side that cannot buy a win at the bottom of the table perhaps?  Tough, we’ve got second place Grays Athletic fresh from a morale boosting 6-0 win in the FA Cup last weekend.

That said there is nothing like a big team coming to The Grove to focus the mind and (hopefully) raise our game.  I am sure we can all think back to one of those “nights at The Grove” where this has happened… just… well… it’s been a while…

Kick off at 7:45.  See you there…

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Tanners 2 - 5 Hendon

The weight of expectation proved too much for Leatherhead today as, in the second half in particular, we were overran by our visitors.  It was not that we lacked effort but the application was completely misplaced.  Avery paid the price for the recent run form.  Perhaps the results could have been put down to a lack of leadership on the pitch but there is little to say things will improve without him.

This was none more so than defence.   Green is desperately missed.  Mahal must have been given orders to stay in his third and played within himself.  The centre back pairing of Jerry and Bruce looks destined for the divorce courts.

I didn’t hear the pre-match and half time team talk but I am sure he would have asked his players to hold a ruddy line.  Be strong, take the game to Hendon and create chances.  Disappointingly this could not have gone any worse for the beleaguered side.  In the first 60 seconds a ball through the middle allowed a Hendon striker to run through and smash it under Wells.  25 seconds into the second half the striker didn’t need to strike the ball but roll it in he had so much time.

Hendon were doing the simple things well.  Their second goal was a result of a free header of the back post across goal being met by another headed again under little pressure.

Leatherhead possess an attacking threat in Vas.  Perhaps today our only threat.  He was deadly from the edge of the box not once but twice with similar free kicks that beat the stranded keeper.  Half time at 2-2 and we discussed what the second half may bring.  Optimistically we settled on only one more goal would be scored.  I should have accepted the 2 and a half all when it was offered.

After the shock of the 25 second tap in Leatherhead fans were hoping for rally but it did not come.  Hendon went on to dominate the half as performance dropped from spirited, to half-hearted to embarrassing.  Hendon were afforded too much space to allow a shot in the box for their fourth and a clumsy foul on the edge of the box gifted a free kick which headed home with ease.

The bar benefitted from a few early drinks being bought as supporters looked for something to drown in.  Wednesday night Grays Athletic arrive at The Grove.  The bar could start serving beer by the bathtub.

Hendon are coming

There will be two sides licking their wounds at Fetcham Grove tomorrow.

Hendon also lost 1-3 in the FA Cup to Ryman One opposition at home. Hendon have also had a very average start to the season in the league.

There is a general feeling that our players are simply turning up to pick up their wages and that running around the pitch is too much trouble when they could be sat at home playing on the Xbox.

Tomorrow could be a case of which side wants it the most. Oh dear…


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Tanners 1 - 3 South Park

This was one of the worst first half performances we have seen this season and that is saying something. No energy. No desire. No quality. Many of our players have played at a higher level in their careers but their performances today weren't even worthy of the Kent League.

The prize money of £3,000....the share of a 2,000 gate at Maidstone.....the proud history of our club in the FA Cup.....none of them seemed that bothered. South Park cruised to a 2-0 half time lead and everyone was wondering what had happened to the team that gave such a good account of themselves last season.

Richard Brady must have gone for the hairdryer at half time as something approaching the Leatherhead side of old came out for the 2nd half and started to believe in themselves. Shots started to fire in although some were from ridiculous distances. Finally we got an equaliser and a protesting South Park player was sent off for protesting it was offside. At least I think that was the reason. Maybe the ref was just trying to even it up.

Against 10 men with 15 minutes, left surely we could force extra time? We should have done when Kiernan blasted over from 10 yards. However the last laugh was with South Park who made it 3-1 on 90 minutes and pocketed what must be around £8,000.

If our team doesn't shake themselves out of their stupor soon we will have a relegation battle on our hands.


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

South Park are coming

Second time lucky as Leatherhead host South Park tonight in this rearranged FA Cup fixture. 

A lack of goals over the weekend may indicate that the return of Vas isn’t the complete remedy to some of our recent results.  A clean sheet against well placed opposition gives us something to build on though.

Kick off at 7:45.  Good luck fellas.